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This information page is for both current and potential vendors interested in providing products (excluding Fresh Produce) to Costco Wholesale.
All facilities which manufacture products for Costco are required to have an annual food safety audit/certification. Companies with facilities located in China are required to have an audit every six months. Anniversary audits are to be conducted within 45 days before or after the previous annual audit date. Audits must be done at the request of Costco, with the Costco Addendum.
The purpose of an audit is to gather current and accurate information concerning the overall food safety status of existing and potential vendors. This information is to be shared with appropriate members of Costco Wholesale ONLY, namely the Food Safety and Technology Group and the Buying Staff. The Food Safety Group will use this audit to determine what areas, if any, are in need of improvement to meet the Costco Food Safety criteria. The buying staff will use the information as an aid in making sound, intelligent purchases for our members. The results of this audit will not be used in any way as a punitive measure; rather, this audit provides both the vendor and Costco Wholesale the opportunity for continued improvement and enrichment.
Note: Costco vendors supplying Fresh Produce to Costco should use, for sign up and further instructions.
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